The Truth About Military Schools

Information about Individual Military Schools

Here are links to alumni sites and news reports about individual schools.  Some refer to allegations filed in lawsuits and do not necessarity indicate a finding of guilt.  We suggest that you visit several sites as they all portray not just the individual school, but can also give you a general idea of what military academies are like:

Admiral Farragut Academy

"I went to Melbourne Florida Air Academy for a summer session and then I went to Admiral Farragut. There's was a lot of hazing going on in military school."

Army and Navy Academy, Carlsbad, California

Article details three separate lawsuits.  One alleges that "Cadets repeatedly beat him in the shins and ribs, hit him in the genitals, sprayed cologne in his eyes, pinned him to the floor and repeatedly forced a condom down his throat."  Another alleges: "violent abuse including an incident in which he was allegedly sodomized with a broomstick."  A third lawsuit alleges "ritual group beatings."

Carson Long Military Institute

"Two Carson Long Military Institute cadets were charged ... with assaulting their roommate, a younger student at the New Bloomfield-based academy.

Fishburne Military Academy

A 14-year old boy was sodomized with and raped, according to a lawsuit filed againt the school:

Fork Union Military Academy

Fugitive former teacher found in Mexico: "Moyer, 49, has been on the lam since May 5, 2001-- just days before he was to appear in court after losing his appeal of a three-and-a-half year sentence for 14 counts of taking indecent liberties with minors at Fork Union Military Academy. "


Forest Hill Military Academy

Lawrence "Clay" Hammer IV indicted with three alleged incidents involving sexual contact with two individuals under age 18  while Hammer was employed in a "position of authority.   


Hargrave Military Academy

Blog about Hargrave alumni.  Towards the end of the May 17, 2006 post , a typical day and the discipline that surrounds it is described.

Kemper Military School and College

"kids running kids with the occasional 10% supervision from adults. I never saw so many fights & physical hazing in my all my life." "I spent every night sleeping on a concrete floor because I didn’t want to wrinkle my bed (this was normal behavior). This allowed me to squeeze in 5 hours of sleep per night since I could skip the step of ironing and vacuuming my bed for the morning inspection.

Linton Hall Military School - Bristow Virginia

Founded in 1922, this was a military school for approximately sixty years before transitioning to a coed non-military boarding school.  Of considerable historical interest, since it describes conditions at military school, two alumni from the 1960s have written blogs about Linton Hall:

There is also a 200-page book about Linton Hall, "Linton Hall Military School Memories" by Linton Hall Cadet.  Although specifically about Linton Hall, this is an excellent description of the military school life environment in general. 

Lyman Ward Military Academy

Deatils eight lawsuits including one alleging that "senior cadets came into his room, pinned him down and used an electric drill to bore holes into his palm"  Another, a boy who was 11 years old at the time allegests that they punished him " for misbehaving in gym class by kicking and stomping him on the practice field until the 4-foot-2, 85-pound boy vomited."

Marine Military Academy

In sword affidavits, ten cadets allege "cadets severely beaten, students overpowered and sexually assaulted in their rooms, routine hazing that in one case included the insertion of a stinging muscle liniment in the rectum of a sleeping cadet. One cadet alleged a classmate slugged him in the mouth, breaking some of his teeth, and another claimed a barracks mate punched him repeatedly in the head and ears, damaging his eardrums. One unidentified cadet claimed another boy masturbated in his ear while he was on the phone with his mother. "

Massanutten Military Academy

"Bailey died after jumping or falling from the third-floor window of his dorm room on April 20, 2007, after being told he was being expelled."

New York Military Academy

A $13 million dollar lawsuit alleging hazing was filed against the New York Military Academy

Another article: "the first injury occurred when his roommate stabbed him with a broken broom handle with a jagged metal edge, the second when a student officer rammed his head into the lock on a metal locker."

Robert Land Academy

Former alumni discuss their experience and how it fits with a list of school criteria:

St. John's Military School, Salina, Kansas

"allegations involved beatings with broom sticks and coat hangers"

St. John's Northwestern Military Academy

Lawsuit alleging "beatings by other cadets, hazings and verbal assaults"

Victory Forge Military Academy a/k/a/ Southeastern Military Academy

Department of Children and Families intervened after " police found a runaway student with shackles around his legs. " found a runaway student with shackles around his legs

An excellent website detailing abuse at residential youth facilities (not just military schools)